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If action sequences, supernatural scenes and fantastic creatures excite you, VFX can help you give wings to your imagination and create your own incredible world where dragons fight yetis and phoenixes’ welcome the dawn.

Today, most films in Bollywood and Hollywood use VFX to create scenes set amidst natural disasters, nature and others situations which might be difficult to shoot otherwise. With the increasing VFX content in movies, there is an increased demand for people who can breathe life into the director’s dream.

Reliance Education wishes to fulfill these vacancies with people who have the right skill set and experience for the task. We offer two VFX courses to suit every individual and his/her needs.

Triple Program in VFX

Who should pursue this?

If you are looking for a full-time course in VFX that will help you build a career in the industry, this intensive program with 3 classes a week, of 4 hours each, is just the course for you! This all-inclusive program is also great for learning all aspects of VFX.

  • Learn concepts such as story development, pre-visualization and story boarding and then learn how to lend a real life like look and feel to the creation.
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Advanced Program in VFX

Who should pursue this?

This course which offers one specialization is an add-on course for students or professionals who wish to add another feather to the cap. With 3 classes of 2 hours each, every week, this program is well suited for busy professionals.

  • The program develops student's skills in graphics, 3D, compositing, audio & video with the option of specializing in a specific process of VFX. The program takes the students on a journey from sketching basics to being able to create amazing visual effects, which bring their ideas to life.
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Sectors where VFX is used

  • Feature Film
  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Science and technology
  • Law Enforcement
  • Videos (Weddings and Events)
  • Television/ VFX Production House/ Animation Movies/ Animation Videos

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