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Join the Reliance Education family and help us to provide opportunities and direction to all those who have creative talent hidden inside them and make a platform available for them to learn and grow.

Franchisee Highlights

Financial Capability
  • Investment in Capital Assets in a phased manner.
  • Sufficient Working Capital for the business.
Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Understand Risks involved in the business.
  • Drive the team to achieve desired business goals.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Will you be able to give required time to the business.
General Management
  • Adherence to Reliance Education systems and processes.
  • Ensure local Statutory compliance to run the business.
  • Passion for the education industry.
Aspiration of Business
  • Knowledge of Animation Industry and Education.
  • Should have sound understanding of how the animation industry works.
  • Creative and out of box thinking for growth of Business.

Terms & Conditions*

Sr. No. Description
1. Passion for the Education industry.
2. Excellent team management skills.
3. Perseverance with mid to long term vision for business in Education Industry.
4. Minimum Capital investment of Rs. 30 lacs in a phased manner which varies from city to city. This does not include the working capital required for operating the business
5. Good location (own OR rented) and easily accessible to students in the preferred city as per the prescribed standards by Reliance Education.
Sr. No. Description
6. Commitment to quality time at the center to manage the operations.
7. Adherence to Reliance Education systems & processes.
8. Sufficient working capital before the business reaches operational break-even.
9. Good Infrastructure with all required Facilities.
10. Conduct a market survey in the preferred city to understand the business potential and feasibility.

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Franchisee Form

— This form is not for students. This form is for only business purpose only.

❖ Important Note

Minimum capital investment required of Rs. 30 lacs and above which varies from city to city. This does not include the working capital required for operating the business.