28th National Road Safety Campaign January 9th to 23rd January 2017

28th National Road Safety Campaign January 9th to 23rd January 2017 – A joint awareness campaign by Pune Police and Pune Traffic Police. Design and Film courtesy - Reliance Education

Students of Reliance Education created many Road safety themed designs for the 28th National Road Safety Campaign for Pune. They also created a short film which highlights the common mistakes we make while driving on the road and its consequences.

Some deigns were selected for the Road Safety Campaign by the Pune Traffic Police and used in cards and stickers which were distributed to common commuters at major traffic signals in Pune city. The film is currently being shown at all Multiplexes across Pune city.

"Vidyanidhi" Workshop on “The Magic of Sculpting”

The latest in Reliance Education‘s ‘Vidyanidhi’ Series was a workshop on “The Magic of Sculpting” held on 16th April. 2016 at Reliance Education Dhole Patil road center.

Students gleaned a general understanding of sculpting techniques and the importance of volume in creating a stunning and realistic 3 Dimensional form. Mr Deepak Dinkar Thopte an eminent sculptor conducted the Magic of Sculpting workshop. Mr. Thopte has won himself a number of acclaims and accolades including the Maharashtra State Award. He has been a part of Exhibitions and Workshops across India since 1990’s and carries with him a whole lot of experience and expertise.

His presence and mentoring was extremely valuable to the Reliance Education students who explored their sculpting skills.

‘Vidyanidhi’ is a unique offering by Reliance Education which consists of a series of workshops which gives students a glimpse into alternate art, hones their existing skills and allows them to push the boundaries of their talent.

Character Design Contest

Character Design Contest Winner are as Follow:-

Winner :- Amol Kulkarni ( DP Road, Pune ) Prizes : 1st prize 5,000/-

1st Runner Up:- Akshay Dahake ( Nagpur ) 2nd Prize ` 3,000/-

2nd Runner Up:- Vipul Jain ( Jaipur ) 3rd Prize ` 2,000/-

DIY Student Workshop

This event was conducted at the Reliance Education Dhole Patil Road centre on 2nd April 2016. The DIY events are unique and bring together existing Reliance Education students and potential students. They work together and in the span of one day, work and execute a concept from start to finish - Storyboard, Acting for Animation, Landscape, Modeling and Character Development- the entire gamut from Pre production to Post production.

This event proves beneficial to both groups. Existing students are exposed to a great platform where they can test their knowledge and create something of their own, while potential students are exposed to the work-flow of the industry they wish to step into in their near future.