Mr. Shekhar Sane

Mr. Shekhar Sane famously known as ‘Shree Swami Samartha Chitrakar’ was greatly influenced by his grandfather who was a great worshipper of Gayatri and a follower of Shree Datta Sampraday. This spiritual devotion became the base of his artistic creation. As a prominent member of the holistic art world, Mr. Shekhar Sane’s passion and innovation, is reflected in his paintings. He has widely acclaimed recognition as a spiritual portrait painter in the art domain.

Mr. Charuhas Pandit

Mr. Charuhas Pandit’s name is ubiquitous with “Chintoo”, the lovable comic strip hero who rules the hearts of every child. Poetry amongst the woods, with all its unparalleled, salient features is an outcome of the quest and creative restlessness of the innovative artist couple -Charuhas Pandit and his wife, Bhagyashree who have founded the Wood Craft company “Srujan Art”. His contributions to popularizing Wood Art makes him and exceptional figure in the art world.

Mr. Sameer Dharmadhikari

Mr. Sameer Dharmadhikari’s reputation as an veteran Warli artist has been very less spoken about. His contribution in bringing this much less talked of tribal art of Maharashtra into the sublime remains indomitable. Popularizing this form of art in the lives of the common us has become his sole motive.

Mr. Deepak Thopte

An eminent Sculpting artist graduated from Sir JJ School of Arts, Mumbai 2000, Mr Deepak Thopte has walked on the footprints of his father Mr. Dinkar Thopte to carve a niche for himself in the Art World. He has been actively participating in Exhibition and Workshops ever since 1990’s. A passionate Sculptor Mr. Deepak Thopte has won himself numerous acclaims and accolades including the Maharashtra state award.

Mr. Shrikant Kadam

A Masters in Fine Arts from the College of Arts, Pune, Mr. Shrikant Kadam is an eminent artist particularly attracted to the spectacle of nature. He has made a significant presence in the art world with his exuberance, passion and innovation. His paintings are a reflection of pure colourful sanctification. His achievements and acclaims as an artist is certainly a inspiration for us all.

Mr. Mukund Bhalagare

An animation specialist in Stop motion and claymation Mr. Mukund Bhalagare is a graduate from Abhinav Kala Mahavidhyalaya, Pune. His career started with animation studios in Mumbai like Famous house of animation and Studio Eeksaurus. He has a strong history of creating brand successes such as the ICICI bank Chintamani series, Usha sewing machine TVC, Chunnilal Aids awareness film for NACO and BBC, Buladi aids awareness films, Google chrome Tanjore TVC, Cadbury Gems Series for IPL 2013, to name a few of his noted achievements. A lot of these have been awarded & appreciated in animation fests nationally & internationally. In 2014, Mr. Mukund Bhalagare finally started off independently with SKILLTOOL STUDIO.

Mr. Vaijnath Dulange

Cartoonist by profession Mr. Vaijnath Dulange has made a mark in the world of visual media. His cartoon caricatures of political celebrities featured in the comic strips of the Sakal newspaper makes him a prominent public figure.

Mr. Vickrant Argade

Mr. Vickrant Argade is a leading consultant in global media and animation business and has been instrumental in founding and leading 24 Media Fusion (P) Ltd. His expertise, creative inputs and directions are sought by various global organizations, multinational companies, corporate and media houses. He has video documented the United Nation’s Environment Programme in 2009. In 2010, at Bali (Indonesia) he covered the Basel Convention In 2011, he covered the Cairo Chapter in Egypt. That same year, he was also documenting International seminar & conference for Centro Studio Galileo & Terre.

Mr. Roopesh Gujar

Experienced in the business, production and creative aspects of Visual Effects and Animation Mr. Roopesh Gujar has been working in visual arts and VFX domain since 1997. He has put on several hats - from artist to producer to creative director. He takes credit in successfully delivering various Graphics, Comics Art, 2D-3D Animation, and Visual Effects projects and is adorned with the ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects navigating through complex challenges.

Mr. Vijay Raibole

Highly acclaimed as a successful Animation Director in the industry Mr. Vijay Raibole has made his contributions count both at national and international levels for animated projects like Wendy, Krishna aur Kans, Little Krishna, Back at the Barnyard, Kong: Return to the jungle, Freej, Hum Tum to name only a few. Starting his career as an Inbetween artist Mr. Vijay Raibole developed his animation skill sets to expertise in the field.